Water Filter


Bestmax M 
for 1400, 2000 S

03 0000 9820
Height (with holder) 20"
Diameter Ø 5 1/2"


  • Flavor optimization by refining and improving the water quality
  • Filtering, reduction and absorption of water additives
  • Reducing the calcification in the heating unit and other important device components
  • Lowering the energy, service and maintenance costs
  • Easy installation

    For a water hardness of > 5° to 7° dkH (carbonate hardness), a water filter must be installed depending on the machine. Technical changes may be made.


Internal waterfilter for                    WMF1400 tankversion

33 2332 2000

Tank filter cartridge

  • to reduce the calcification and improve the water quality
  • for flavor optimization
  • for consistent coffee quality
  • to increased service life of the high quality coffee machine technology
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Filtering, absorbing or reduction of water additives
  • Easy installation
    • Your WMF coffee machine calculates the time for the filter exchange. Change the filter when prompted on the display, but at least every three months.


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